NYC: Poggenpohl Showroom Part 2

Had some really great weather yesterday. There was a little bit of a delay in staging so shooting didn't start until about 11:30. Luckily I was able to grab some shots before the sun came around the corner. When working with a showroom that is mostly windows, it's important to pencil in a time when the sun is only causing even ambient light to flow in.

Photography, like many other art forms have styles that sort of phase in and out. Over the past few years, photographers have been pulling the camera back a bit, or slightly changing what is in the frame. Usually you want to exclude overhead lights, but sometimes it can give your photos a bit of variety for clients to choose from.

It's easy to say, well, I have a style, and I want to deliver that style. And that's O.K., but I urge you to take chances and throw a wrench in there every now and then. Your client might dislike the lights being visible or welcome the variety.

I'm looking forward to heading back within the next few weeks to take some extra photos. One of the best ways to work on technique and execution is to revisit the same location to mix things up a bit.