Special Events - Sunset Proposal on the Hudson River

Recently, a guy named Nick contacted me to see if I could photograph the proposal to his girlfriend Carly on a Saturday evening. Luckily I was available that day and so we met to start planning at Hudson Coffee Company in Hoboken.

A little backstory, Nick and Carly work together and take the same ferry each morning. Thus, it’s a special place for them and Nick wanted to propose on the boat.

The weather that week was unreliable, sunny one minute then heavy rain and thunderstorms. Friday was overcast and filled with scattered showers and Saturday with a 20% chance of rain and clouds. Rain or shine, I prepared for the big event!

The plan was in motion and Saturday evening I rode over to the ferry stop right before “the stop”, hopped on, and took a joyride to find the best spot on the water for photos. Once the ferry got back to “the stop”, I started acting like a silly tourist taking photos of the New York City Skyline. Carly admitted that she sensed something funky going on, but she also thought Nick was planning on proposing the following day around their family.

After the ferry took off, the sun set right behind the Hoboken Skyline, and cast a warm glow. Nick got down on one knee, and Carly said yes! Her expressions are priceless, and a wonderful reminder of what the cocktail of Love, Excitement, Shock, Joy, and a little bit of “I knew it!” mixed together looks like.

Below is a quick selection of the proposal and a few portraits on other side of the Hudson River.

Congratulations to Nick and Carly! Here's to many more ferry rides together.

Photographer: Self

Location: The Hudson between Hoboken and New York City

Special Thanks: Jose with NY Waterway for telling everyone the back was closed and keeping his game face! You're an MVP.