I have never been a big fan of generic 'one price for all.' The needs of interior designers, architects, and real estate agents are vastly different. So below you will see a breakdown of pricing per category. If you have any questions or concerns regarding pricing, please call or email and I will gladly answer them with you.


Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

First Hour | 350

Locally, most single room shoots of interior design require an hour. For example, a medium sized kitchen or a small kitchen and a side room.

Additional Hours | 300

In case a project requires more time, additional hours are added at a reduced rate.

Assistant | 100 1/2 day | 200 full day

Rarely, some spaces need to be cleaned/de-cluttered. In order to cut down on costs, I can bring an assistant.

Day Rate | 1,200

If you have a large project you'd like documented from front to back and top to bottom, I can come out for the day and make sure that nothing is missed.


Real Estate

Real Estate

Starting Rate 1b/1b | 150

For all listings up to 1b/1b, with exterior shot. Typical turn around is one to two days.

Additional Room | 25

Some listings don't require every room to be photographed, so instead of paying for everything, you can select what you'd like focused on to save some money on the overall costs.

Exteriors Only | 100

Documenting the exterior of a project can be as important and sometimes more important than what is inside. Exteriors includes roughly 3-6 photos of the property from different angles.

Same Day | 50

Most shoots are turned over within a day or two, but sometimes you might need those photos sooner. If you would like same day turn around, we can accommodate for that.

Always Included

Additional Services & Fees

Additional Services & Fees

Virtual Staging | 150

Home buyers will almost unanimously agree that they have diffuclty picturing how a space will look furnished. Virtual staging can be a great way to help them fully realize the potential of a property.

Additional Editing | Inquire

Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Walls can have crayon marks from kids, recessed lighting can often overpower a beautiful architectural space...

Travel | 50

For any shoot outside of Jersey City, Lower Manhattan, or Midtown, an additional minimum travel fee of 50 will be applied. For extended travel of more than an hour, a rate will be approved before hand.

Drone Services | Varies

Soon we will be offering drone services for exteriors and cityscape photos and videos. If you would like drone services, just ask!

Online Backups & Gallery

When a shoot it complete, work is backed up online and available via cloud storage. Work is stored for up to a minimum of 6 months so you can rest assured that no work will be lost, while you create a backup.

Print Ready

All photography will have the minimum level of editing and color correction so they are ready to go to print. For additional editing and sizing, we can discuss your needs further.

Right of Use

When you hire us for photography, video, or any other services such as editing or printing, all photos and videos will be available for company use. For additional outside rights, please inquire.