Resume & Portfolio

Below is a collection of some of my wedding photography, equipment, and non-destructive layering examples.


Photoshop Examples

My editing is always non-destructive. Depending on the client, or for my own personal use, usually editing starts with culling in Lightroom or Photo Mechanic, then broad adjustments such as camera profiles, and taken into Photoshop when needed. Please click the 'SAMPLES' button to view a few simple before and after images.



The 'GALLERY' button below leads a small collection of wedding photos I have taken over the years. Alternatively, if you would like to see an entire wedding example, please click here: Link to view and you will be taken to one of my online backups.


Home Setup & Photography Equipment

Please feel free to head to my 'GEAR PAGE' to find a list of my computer editing station as well as my current camera equipment.