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The Ngai Group

Branding & Design Solutions


Client: Albert Ngai, Owner of The Ngai Group

Role: Designed Branding, Email Templates, Physical Signage

Status: Ongoing at Client’s Pace

Summary: The client switched companies to eXp Realty and is now required to have his own company branding. All branding must be approved by eXp Realty, so higher standards are required.



The first task was to find out how many products would need to be branded and designed. Then I cross referenced the guidelines from eXp Realty to plan out font options as well as basic logo ideas.

Once a list of all the branding locations and legal requirements was compiled, I went through font and logo style options with the team’s help. It was important to have their initial feedback since they have first hand knowledge of designs being used by other professionals in their field.

They also receive constant feedback from people during casual daily conversations and that information was invaluable.

Business Card 24.png

Graphic Designing

Real estate logos are quite simple. They all revolve around the shape of a house, a keyhole or something home related. Straying too far from obvious shapes confuses people. And eXp Realty already uses a house for their logo.

Instead of trying to be needlessly unique with a strange icon, or compete with the eXp Realty house icon we decided to make a simple, yet bold text logo that is easy to read and recognize. One that also effortlessly blends in with the overhead company eXp Realty.

After roughly 60 font options and dozens of business card test layouts, we settled on a design and went to print with a rough draft business card. Setting the foundation for the rest of the design process.

We chose to base the foundation of the design off the business card, because in real estate it’s an agent’s most used tool marketing tool.

Back Business Card New.png
Front Business Card New.png

UX Designing

One of the main problems of this design was that it was too small. Once expanded out, the material was then too long.

To overcome the length of the materials, the client and I cut out everything that wasn’t required. Then reorganized the remaining data in a helpful hierarchy to match the average customer’s needs.

  • Company Name

  • Listing Type

  • Address

  • Details

  • Photos

The result was marketing material that is clear and easy to read, approachable and to the point.

The amount of photos used in the templates was also reduced. Sometimes photos can be helpful, but they can also be harmful if they are not conveying a space well, so it’s usually best to stick to the basics and then if the customer is interested, answer detailed questions as needed.

iPhone Email Blast Old.png
House Sign Old.png
iPhone Email Blast New.png
House Sign New.png

Closing Thoughts

Although some of the past designs worked, like the “For Rent” sign, the only thing tying the designs together was the color red, and even then, it wasn’t the same red. Now people viewing the variety of marketing materials will start to recognize the brand without hesitation.

We are still in the process of finalizing options for email templates and the rest of the designs. In a sense, everything is in a final rough draft phase, being tested in the field and adjusted when feedback comes in from users.